How To Get Your Wellness Business In Front of 100 Of Your Dream Customers For $1 Per Day

Be Omnipresent to your dream customers

“We’re trying to identify and reach the right clients.”

The owner of a wellness business said this to me during a call recently, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard this goal.

I’m sure this is your goal too as a health and wellness business that is trying to grow — bring in new clients on a consistent basis.

But, you’re not just trying to bring in anyone. You need to reach the RIGHT clients.

The people that are exactly right for your business.

Your dream customers.

And you can reach these customers using a simple strategy of creating data-driven content plus Facebook’s targeted reach for only $1 per day.

It’s a method I call Omnipresence Content Marketing.

Omnipresence is being everywhere, all the time; the easiest option; a familiar friend.

Omnipresence is being everywhere, all the time. Your dream customers see you wherever they go.

You become the easiest option to your dream customers.

You’re a familiar friend because your potential customers come to know you through your content that they see all the time.

You’ll be at the top of their mind the next time they’re thinking about the kind of services that you offer because they’ve seen you and the kind of helpful content you provide consistently.

You can achieve Omnipresence to the people that matter to you for just $1 per day, thanks to the Internet and Facebook advertising.

This system doesn’t mean blasting everyone. It doesn’t mean you have to do Super Bowl commercials to everyone in the whole world.

You’re just identifying the core people that matter to you and building loyalty, trust, and passion for your business.

Read on to find out how you can achieve Omnipresence for your business and start reaching up to 100 of your dream customers for only $1 per day.

How to get results:

  1. Create 10-20 pieces of content that people will enjoy
  2. Post the content to your Facebook business page
  3. Analyze the winners (expect 1 out of 10)
  4. Boost the winners for $1 per day to the right audiences
  5. Rinse & repeat until satisfied adding new content as you see fit

Now, let’s go into each of these steps in more detail.

Step 1: Create 10-20 pieces of content (per month) that people will enjoy

When I talk about content, I’m talking about information that you share on your business Facebook (or Instagram) page.

It could be blog posts, if you are blogging regularly and have valuable information to share from your blog.

But, it could also be information that is shared directly on your Facebook page.

The content that we’re creating for this method is timeless.

It shouldn’t be an event or a promotion that’s for a specific time of year (although you should definitely keep sharing that kind of information too!).

Content for Omnipresence is information that could be shared year-round, over and over again.

But, with this method you don’t have to worry about if you’re writing the right kind of content.

You’re just going to try things and see how it goes. You write it, post it, and see which ones do the best.

That’s data-driven content. You’re looking at the actual data to see which pieces of content do the best.

Then you also use Facebook’s targeted reach to create Omnipresence. With this, you can get an increase in sales, loyalty, and trust.

The key to success is the content, so let’s talk more about that first.

Edu-tainment Content

The first kind of content you should start creating is “Edu-tainment” — educational, yet also entertaining for your audience, your dream customers.

Think about the kind of content you see on Buzzfeed. But, make sure it’s something that your audience would appreciate.

Numbered lists are great.

Pictures or graphics are also great to include. And, if you haven’t already tried out Canva to make infographics, you should! (The graphics I have in this post were made with Canva.)

These posts don’t have to be very long, although this is also where you may include a link to a blog post if your blog has this kind of information as well.

Some examples of headlines that would be great for Edu-tainment Content:

  • Seven lies that keep you from getting better sleep
  • How to get big calves without doing calf raises
  • Hey, if you ever experience migraines, here’s what to do if they last more than three days
  • Seven reasons you aren’t getting rid of your belly fat
  • What no one tells you about relieving stress

A couple examples of Edu-tainment content on Facebook:

Example 1 of Edu-tainment Facebook post.
This post is both entertaining – “snaccident” (and relatable!), but also educational. She includes a link to her Fit Mom’s Snack List (which is also an email sign up link).
Example 2 of Edu-tainment Facebook post.
This one is a link to a blog post, and the actual Facebook post is very short. Note the number in the headline — numbered lists work well with this kind of content.

Customer Stories Content

What successes have your clients had because of the services you offer? Do you have some great before and after stories from your customers?

You should always be on the lookout for new customer success stories to write about and share.

Including pictures or even a video testimonial from a client would be great for this type of content too.

Humans are social creatures.

They like seeing their friends or others who are like them that have had success with your service.

And people love a good story too!

A couple examples:

Example 1 of Customer Success Facebook post.
Before and after pictures are great! This post also includes a testimonial from the client (if you clicked See More).
Example 2 of Customer Success Facebook post.
A quote from a customer, a link, and some pictures. Customer success story posts can be very simple!

This kind of content is not aggressive at all. You’re not convincing them to buy, but you’re becoming a trusted friend.

If you were sharing content that was trying to sell people all the time on your Facebook page, then it would probably become annoying, but if it’s something that people are interested in reading and hearing about, then they’ll want to see it.

You don’t need to come in hard. You don’t need to be really salesy with this kind of content.

You just need to be fun, be soft, and remember that it’s social media, so be social.

Offer Content

The last kind of content is very simple — just tell them your offer. What are you offering to new clients of your business?

This is just a pitch. People who want what you’re offering will take advantage of it.

With offer content ideas, there’s no secret. You’re just making the offer.

Maybe you’re saying your first session for new clients is free or the first month at your yoga studio is only $30.

Canva could be great for this kind of content too — create a nice little info graphic stating your offer to post.

Whatever your offer is for your business, just tell them.

Some examples:

Example 1 of Offer Success Facebook post.
2 weeks of dinners for $40. All you have to do is state the offer. They also have a video, which is nice, but not a necessity.
Example 2 of Offer Success Facebook post.
The offer in this post: Buy One, Donate One.

Your Turn:

Write down some ideas for all three types of content for your business.

Try to list 10 to 20 ideas and include a good mix of all three types of content. Include ideas for pictures, graphics, or videos you might be able to include.

Now pick one. Which one do you think would be the easiest to write first? Start writing!

(And, if you need even more examples of these three kinds of content, check out this post too.)

Step 2: Post the content to your Facebook business page

Once you have some content written, start posting it to your Facebook business page.

Just post it for now, don’t boost it, or pay for advertising at all.

At first, you are just trying to see which pieces of content perform the best with organic reach (meaning not paid).

Step 2: Post the content to your Facebook business page
Use Business Manager for your business Facebook page. Write your content and hit Publish (don’t hit Boost Post yet).

Start creating content and start posting.

In the first month that you’re starting this method, try to create about 10 to 20 pieces of content and post them every other day and start to see what happens.

You start collecting data on what is and isn’t working before you start paying even $1 per day.

Let the organic reach work first.

Quick tip: If you haven’t set up Facebook Business Manager yet, I would recommend doing that now!

Your Turn:

Post your first piece of content on your Facebook page. Try to make a graphic with Canva to add to your post, and post it!

Step 3: Analyze the winners

After you’ve been posting your 10 to 20 pieces of content in a month, next you need to analyze your organic reach.

Do this after at least a couple weeks, maybe a month, of consistently posting your pieces of content to your Facebook page every other day.

See which posts are doing the best.

To do this, go to your Facebook Business Manager and click Insights in the top bar, then click Posts in the sidebar on the left.

You’ll be able to see a list of all of your posts and the light orange bars will show you the organic reach.

Step 3: Analyze the winners
Look at the Reach column. The light orange bar shows your Organic Reach. If you have any paid posts, the dark orange bar will show the Paid Reach.

Look at them and see which ones are the highest.

If most of your posts got a reach of 40 or 50, but then one or two of them got a reach of 100 or more, those are the ones that are doing the best.

Find the ones that are at the top of the list and that have the highest organic reach — maybe one or two out of the 10 to 20 posts you’ve made.

Important note: Only about 10 percent of your original 10 to 20 posts will end up having the highest reach. So, expect one or two very best posts out of your original 10 to 20 posts.

Your Turn:

Following the instructions above, go look at the organic reach of your past posts. Start to get an idea of what the normal reach of your posts are right now, so that you’ll know how to spot a winner when you have one.

Step 4: Boost the winners for $1 per day to the right audiences

Once you’ve found the one or two winning posts that have the highest organic reach, now you’re ready to boost.

Go back to the Insights → Posts page on your Business Manager and click the blue Boost Post button on the post with the highest organic reach.

Once you do you that, the Boost Post window will open up and you’ll need to change a few settings.

  1. Change the audience to “People who like your Page and their friends.”By doing this, you’re using the power of social connection. When your post
    Choose your audience
    Choose “People who like your Page and their friends” for your audience. Select the “Edit” button on the right if you’d like to change the location of your audience to just your local area.

    shows up in someone’s feed, it’s going to show that their friend likes your page.

    People do things because they know that other people are doing it too. You’re using that power of social connection to reach the friends of people who already like your page.

    It gives you that word-of-mouth marketing without you having to actually rely on your customers sharing your information with their friends. Facebook will do it for you.

  2. If you have a local business and you’d like to limit the location of the people who are seeing your boosted post, click the Edit link to the right and select the locations you’d like to include.
  3. Uncheck the boxes for “Run promotion on Messenger” and “Run promotion on Instagram,” unless you’d also like to run this boosted post on those platforms too.
  4. Set your total budget to $14. Set your duration to 14 days.

    Set your budget and duration
    Set your budget to either $14 (or $7) and your duration to 14 days (or 7 days) in order to spend only $1 per day on your boosted post.

    This sets your budget to spend $1 per day on this boosted post for 14 days.

    You can also test it out for a shorter time by setting the budget to $7 and the duration to 7 days, but the longer you can test it out, the better your data will be.

And then, hit the big blue Boost button and you’re done!

Let it run for 7 or 14 days for $1 per day and see what happens.

After you’ve let it run for your set duration, go back to Insights and look at which ones performed the best out of the posts you’ve boosted.

Stop boosting the ones that are the lowest performing. Only keep the ones that are performing the absolute best.

For the highest performing posts, set them to boost for another 30 days, or even 60, 90, or 365 days!

Keep them running, but keep monitoring them too. See how they do, in comparison to the new posts you’re also writing and boosting.

Just keep boosting the highest performing posts for $1 per day per post.

Your Turn:

Go check out what it looks like when you hit the Boost Post button and see if you can follow along with these instructions to get all the settings right.

If you’d like to try it out, boost a post you’ve done in the past, just to see what it’s like.

Step 5: Rinse & Repeat until satisfied, adding new content as you see fit

Once you’ve got the system up and running, keep it going!

Keep writing 10 to 20 pieces of new content every month (or as many as you can).

Boost the best performing ones for 7 or 14 days, and see which ones do the best.

Keep boosting the best posts.

You’ll be stacking up really awesome posts that build upon one another.

You end up with several posts that are your absolute best performing posts and those will serve as your $1 per day sales people.

After several months of doing this process, you’ll end up with 10 to 20 best pieces of content.

This content will now serve as your 10 to 20 sales people, that only costs you $10 to $20 per day to keep going.

Each one of these $1 per day sales people could be reaching 100 potential new customers for you.

But, not just any customer.

Customers that have read your content, know who you are, and what you do to help your customers, and what your offer is.

Dream customers.

Your Turn:

Think about those dream customers. Who are you trying to attract to your business? Write down some attributes. Write down what they need to know before they can spend money at your business. Now think about what it would be like if you could reach 100 of them EVERY DAY for only $1.


  • Create your content: 10-20 pieces of timeless content per month. Adding pictures and videos makes it even better!
  • 3 types of content:
      • Edu-tainment
      • Customer Stories
      • Offers
    • Post your content organically: Use Business Manager to post your content every other day on your business Facebook page. Don’t boost yet. Just post it and watch your organic reach.
    • Measure your most successful posts: Which posts had the highest organic reach after a couple weeks, or up to a month? Find the one or two top posts out of the 10-20 you did.
    • Boost for 14 (or 7) days for $1 per day: Within Facebook Business Manager, click that big blue Boost Post button and boost the top one or two posts for $1 per day. Test them out for 7 or 14 days, whatever you (and your budget) can handle.
    • Measure your most successful boosts: Look at which of the boosted posts do the best. Find the very best of the best! Expect about 10 percent of your posts to be the best.
    • Extend to 30, 60, 90, 365-day windows: For the very best boosted posts, keep them running. Let them serve as $1 per day sales people for your business.
    • Rinse & Repeat, stacking your winning content: Keep doing it!

Benefits of Omnipresence:

  • Be seen everywhere, all the time, by your dream customers
  • Become the easiest option for people who are looking for your service
  • Become a familiar friend to your potential customers because they see your content all the time
  • Create $1 per day sales people that can reach as many as 100 people per day, that never complain, need vacations, breaks, or pay raises
  • Share great content with your existing customers too
  • Create that word-of-mouth marketing and use the power of social connection to reach the friends of your existing audience

If you would like to get the benefits of Omnipresence, but would like to do it with no effort on your part, then I’d love to help you out!

You can hire me to create and manage the entire Omnipresence Content Marketing system for your business today, and you can get all the benefits without any of the effort.

Start reaching your dream customers today.

I help health and wellness businesses consistently bring in new clients every month using Omnipresence Content Marketing.

If you would like Omnipresence for your wellness business, let’s schedule a call today.

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